Go green

Go green

Technology that saves water!

As a major global manufacturer of bathing products, we at Jaquar are well aware of our responsibilities. Conservation of precious water as a natural resource has long been the primary goal of our sustainability efforts to help preserve the living planet for our future generations. Go Green is a philosophy embraced by Jaquar as a tenet of its design and production system to save water.

Flow Restrictors

This is a revolutionary technology that lets your taps and showers save upto 80% of water without compromising on the flow. Jaquar Flow Restrictors adjust the flow in both low and high pressure conditions and offer the same voluminous flow every time.



Air Showers

Jaquar’s Air Showers have a built-in air mixer that mixes air and water in a manner that makes shower drops lighter but voluminous. This revolutionary technology helps Jaquar Air Showers save up to 30% of water without compromising on the showering experience. Choose from a wide range of Hand and Overhead Jaquar Air Showers with single and multi-flow options.


Pressmatic Taps

Taps with technology that allows only a fixed quantity (750 ml) of water to flow with every press of its knob.This mechanism not only prevents water wastage during each use, but also provides ease of operation. Jaquar Pressmatic Taps are recommended for bathrooms of high traffic locations like restaurants, clubs, hotels, colleges, hospitals, airports, etc.

Sensor Taps

Taps with technology that allows water to flow only when you need it and shuts it as soon as you move your hands away, resulting in zero wastage of water. There’s no better way to save water than when you don’t need it. Eg., while washing hands with soap, you can save water when lathering. Use Jaquar Sensor taps in high traffic areas like restaurants, clubs, hotels, colleges, hospitals, airports, etc.

Three stages of washing hand with Sensor Taps

  • a
    Wetting your hands
  • b
    Making lather with soap
  • c
    Rinsing your hands

Dual Flush

Flushes that use more water than needed are the biggest water wastage culprits in every home. Jaquar’s Dual Flushing Systems enable you to use either a combination of 3/6 ltrs. of water or 2/4 ltrs. of water, depending on your water closet. Jaquar’s beta valve is designed to save 50-60% of water every day.

Water consumption chart


Taps Technology


The heart of every tap, the cartridge is responsible for controlling water supply

  • Jaquar cartridges are 3.5 lacs cycle tested to give a longer & trouble-free operating life of upto 20 years
  • Wide angle of lever provides ultra comfort and flawless, smooth operation
  • Our cartridge spindle is made of brass instead of plastic, to avoid breakage
  • Works smoothly even at high temperatures (85 degrees) & various pressure conditions (0.5 -5 bar)
  • Recognized and approved by national bodies NSF-USA, ASME-USA, ACS-FRANCE


Devices that mix air with water to give a soft and splash-free flow

  • Our integrated honeycomb structured aerator, provides lime build up protection
  • Integrated anti-clogging dome screen of the aerator filters sediments and dust particles

Chrome Finish

Upper shiny protection layer provides a mirror finish to every tap

  • High plating thickness (Nickel: 10 microns and Chrome: 0.3 microns) provides tolerance to extreme climate and water conditions
  • 450+ hours of salt spray test makes our finishes durable and corrosion resistant
  • softwater
    Soft Water Flow
  • operates_smoothy
    Operates Smoothly
  • higher_longatuvity
    Higher Longevity
  • heigher_durability
    Higher Durability (0.3μ Chrome + 10μ Nickel)
  • advanced_water
    Advanced Water Saving Flow Regulator
  • optimim_flow
    Optimum Flow and Temperature
  • warrenty
    Unmatched Warranty
  • j_care
    Jaquar Care

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